AND, for the chic power woman!

The super chic and suave (she’s rocking pregnancy fashion too) Kareena Kapoor is the muse for AND’s Fall ’16 collection. The lookbook reflects oodles of chic and functionality.


This collection is ideal for the corporate power woman, someone who knows and believes in herself. Someone who’s not afraid to show who’s the boss, and will throw the rulebook at you without batting an eyelid. But at the same time, she’s in touch with her ‘feminine side’, though that’s not as some sort of a balance. She’s one for equality and doesn’t need to tap her feminine side to bring about a balance. The concept behind the collection is ‘What you see is #WhoYouAre’.

Expect loads of chic dresses perfect for the power woman at work (and at play), tailored blazers, structured dresses, culotte jumpsuits, rolled neck tops, nipped waist jackets, ruffles, pleated dresses, midi dress, cowl necks, longline jackets and tunics, maxi skirts, bomber jackets for the athleisure trend, crop tops, A-line silhouettes, fishtail hem maxi skirts, open shoulders in mostly monochromes and greys. And oh, a lot of checks.


The price range starts from Rs 1,899.


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